जनतंत्र ऐसी शासन प्रणाली जिसमें देश या राज्य का शासन जनता द्वारा चुने हुए प्रतिनिधियों द्वारा चलाया जाता है; लोकतंत्र; प्रजातंत्र; जनता का शासन। 

eJantantra  is a non-profit organisation working towards enabling accountable governance. eJantantra envisions improving the quality of life for all through simplifying people's lives, creating tools for better governance and making democracy work.

Our Vision and Mission

eJantantra is a non-profit organisation enabling accountable governance. We empowers citizens to participate in governance by providing knowledge and perspective so that they can become politically active and involved beyond the ballot box. It undertakes extensive research and highlights civic issues to build the awareness of and mobilise action by the government and elected representatives.

eJantantra is 'For the Democracy...by the Democracy..By the people...for the people...to implement good governance. 

543 Members in the Lok Sabha

245 Members in the Rajya Sabha

736 Districts in India

250,000 Gram Panchayats in India




Lok Sabha is composed of representatives of the people chosen by direct election on the basis of the adult suffrage. The maximum strength of the House envisaged by the Constitution is 552, which is made up by election of upto 530 members to represent the States, upto 20 members to represent the Union Territories and not more than two members of the Anglo-Indian Community to be nominated by the Hon'ble President, if, in his/her opinion, that community is not adequately represented in the House. The total elective membership is distributed among the States in such a way that the ratio between the number of seats allotted to each State and the population of the State is, so far as practicable, the same for all States.



The Rajya Sabha or Council of States is the upper house of the bicameral Parliament of India. It currently has a maximum membership of 245, of which 233 are elected by the legislatures of the states and union territories using single transferable votes through Open Ballot while the President can appoint 12 members for their contributions to art, literature, science, and social services. Members sit for staggered terms lasting six years, with elections every year but almost a third of the 233 designates up for election every two years, specifically in even-numbered years. The Rajya Sabha meets in continuous sessions, and unlike the Lok Sabha, being the lower house of the Parliament, the Rajya Sabha, which is the upper house of Parliament, is not subjected to dissolution. However, the Rajya Sabha, like the Lok Sabha can be prorogued by the President.



A gram panchayat or village panchayat is the only grassroots-level of panchayati raj formalised local self-governance system in India at the village or small-town level, and has a sarpanch as its elected head. There are about 250,000 gram panchayats in India.

The gram panchayat is divided into wards and each ward is represented by a Ward Member or Commissioner, also referred to as a Panch or Panchayat Member, who is directly elected by the villagers. The panchayat is chaired by the president of the village, known as a Sarpanch. The term of the elected representatives is five years. The Secretary of the panchayat is a non-elected representative, appointed by the state government, to oversee panchayat activities.



Bharatiya Janata Party

President - Jagat Prakash Nadda

Indian National Congress

Interim President - Sonia Gandhi

Nationalist Congress Party

President - Sharad Pawar

Communist Party of India

President - D. Raja

Bahujan Samaj Party

President - Mayawati

Aam Aadmi Party

President - Arvind Kejriwal

All India Trinamool Congress

President - Mamata Banerjee

Communist Party of India (Marxist)

President -  Sitaram Yechury

Shiv Sena

President - Uddhav Thackeray

Samajwadi Party

President - Akhilesh Yadav

Rashtriya Janata Dal

President - Lalu Prasad Yadav

Shiromani Akali Dal

President - Sukhbir Singh Badal

YSR Congress Party

President - Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

Telugu Desam Party

President - N. Chandrababu Naidu

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena

President - Raj Thackeray


President - O. Paneerselvam

Biju Janata Dal

President - Naveen Patnaik

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

President - M. K. Stalin



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eJANTANTRA process

Step by step

There is a provision for a bicameral legislature consisting of an upper house, the Rajya Sabha (Council of States), which represents the states of the Indian federation, and a lower house, the Lok Sabha (House of the People), which represents the people of India as a whole. The Indian constitution provides for an independent judiciary, which is headed by the Supreme Court. The court's mandate is to protect the constitution, to settle disputes between the central government and the states, to settle inter-state disputes, to nullify any central or state laws that go against the constitution and to protect the fundamental rights of citizens, issuing writs for their enforcement in cases of violation.

Step 1. Analisys

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Step 2. Creative concept

We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

Step 3. Creative concept

We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

Step 4. Creative concept

We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

Step 5. Creative concept

We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

Step 6. Creative concept

We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.


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Jantantra a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives

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